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Webinar: Finding confluence

Watch the 'Finding confluence' webinar

The preceding lessons helped you gain a basic understanding of the individual technical analysis tools. You learnt that their main purpose was to show market direction and point out potential levels of interest where price might bounce, reverse or continue. They can be useful on their own but they become really powerful if you combine them together. Watch this webinar presented by expert trader Andrew Jeken to learn how to combine different technical tools to find high probability actionable areas (confluences) on the chart and build a case for entry.

In this webinar you will learn...

  • ... how to combine different technical tools to find confluence zones
  • ... how to do a top-down analysis: drilling down from higher to lower time frames to find areas of interest
  • ... to refine zones to find high probability areas on the chart
  • ... how to build a case for entry

About Andrew Jeken

Andrew is a professional trader with a flair for teaching others. For 6 years, Andrew has been breaking key trading concepts into simple, easy to understand pieces that beginner and experienced traders alike can use to help them profit from the financial markets.

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