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As part of the signup process to prokabluk Premium, you answer questions to help us identify where you currently stand with your trading and investing knowledge and where you want to be in the future.

Based on how much time and money you have to learn, trade and invest, our trading and investing experts hand-craft your personalised learning plan.

Your plan includes courses worth over $10,000 - and is fully adjustable!

The learning plan includes at least 2 courses every month from our library of online trading and investing courses and if you bought all courses in our library separately, the price would be over $10,000.

We have invested over $2,000,000 to create the best learning materials in your language and are collaborating with the leading traders, investors, financial specialists, best selling authors and educators.

You can even change the courses we’re suggesting in your learning plan if you don’t find a course suitable.

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Once you are part of the prokabluk Premium family, you always have an expert by your side. You can send any questions to our exclusive premium support and once per month we organise a question and answer webinar to clarify any questions, discuss the current market environment or teach brand-new content.

You can also receive an email every week with the latest news, our views on the markets and newest courses available.

Matthias Denecke

Matthias aka nleeson111 is the Education Manger at prokabluk. He has been part of the company since our launch in 2012 and has been actively trading since 2004. He started with forex and CFD trading and is now fully focused on the futures and options markets, applying a wide range of strategies. The trained banker has a Master degree in economics with a focus on money and currency.

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Matthias Knopf

Fate drew Matthias Knopf to the world of trading: His grandfather had started the tradition of investing his funds by himself instead of trusting a bank advisor. Upon inheriting the family fortune, Matthias first touched the financial world through mutual funds and other bank products before discovering prokabluk in 2012. After a phase of intensive learning, he now lives off his own trading returns and continues to increase his knowledge every day. Matthias is a master of both discretionary and automated trading, buy-ing stocks based on fundamental signals and running several futures-and options-based automated trading systems.

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You get 10% discount on all prokabluk courses you want to purchase in addition to those that come with your learning plan (just contact the prokabluk Premium team) and pay less to join us on live events and seminars we organise from time time.

Last but not least, you get to join us on our special event for premium subscribers once we have reached our initial goal of 1,000 subscribers.

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