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Advanced stock trading

by prokabluk

About this course

Stocks trading is the most widely known form of trading, with billions of dollars in transactions happening every day across the world. This course will show you, how to build a portfolio and how to analyse the fundamantals of a company.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Understanding stock portfolios
  • Refine your lists of stocks
  • Stock portfolio management
  • Fundamental analysis of stocks
  • Financial performance ratios
  • Which external factors are important
  • How to consider economic data and seasonality

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    • We believe in a world where people manage their own money. That’s why we have been building one of the largest online learning platforms for you to learn from the best traders, investors and personal finance gurus out there. Learning to trade, invest and manage your money is a serious task, at the same time it’s fun and much easier when someone shares their knowledge with you and brings you to a level where you can make your own experiences and learn by being active in the markets yourself while speaking with others in a community.

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